The Trouble with Kittens

“WHAT?”, you cry, “The TROUBLE with kittens?! Are you MAD?!”

Calm down, Crazy Cat Person, calm down. There is a problem with kittens, and it is this: They turn into cats.

Cats are lovely, of course; and there’s no denying that cats are cool. But cats are not the tiny little mewing adorable bundles of cotton candy that kittens are.

Don’t worry though, because here is a brilliant service to help us enjoy kittens, and ONLY kittens, in our lives forever. is a subscription service that will send you out a new kitten every few months and a postage-paid carton in which to return your older adolescent moggie. Yay!

Hang on though, I wonder what they do with the older cats. Ah, who cares? KITTENS! SQUEE!