Surprising my Dog with 1 Million Dog biscuits aka EVERYTHING THAT IS WRONG WITH THE WORLD

Ok, firstly let me say I have nothing against this Liam Thompson gentleman who is making a living from making videos with his dog – Good on him!

And, in fact, I LOVE this democratization of stardom – Anyone with an idea (or a series of ideas) for a stupid video can make a fortune. Well, hang on, not quite anyone: Ideally you’ll be aged between 18 and 25 and be at least ok-looking. However, unlike previous forms of stardom there aren’t necessarily agents or managers or record companies creaming off the best of the dosh, and I’m all in favour of the creators getting more money. Wait, I forgot about Google of course, who take about 90% of the ad revenue generated by these young stars. I guess they’re the new Simon Cowell.

So, no, I’m all for guys like Liam Thompson and their success.

The only thing I really have a problem with is how crap it is. Yeah, Mr Thompson is engaging and personable and the dog is cute; And maybe I was harbouring a hidden desire to see what a million dog biscuits looks like, but it’s not great entertainment is it? It’s not a soul-wrenching song or a piece of prose that makes you catch your breath or a brilliantly crafted piece of stand up: It’s just pop video, and it’s what the kids watch and they’re entitled to it and I just hope they don’t miss out on, and we don’t lose, the really good stuff that humans can make.

postscript: I’m a fan of the thumbnail for this video which looks to me like it’s been photoshopped to bring the 3 main elements of the video – Boy, Dog, Million Biscuits into focus and blurring everything else.