Rude Statues Competition

rude buddha Today I am setting a competition and adding a new category to this site – ‘rude statues’. Above is a picture of a rude statue I found here:

It appears to have a banana penis, but hey, he’s the godhead right? He can have whatever he wants.

Anyway, those aren’t really the sort of rude statues I’m looking for. After all, anyone can do a quick google and find pics like that one (that’s what I did).

No, what I’m really looking for is more modern statuesque shenanigans, like, er, Oh I can’t really explain; let me show you a couple of examples:

asda bum Exhibit One: Asda Metrocentre, male mannequin touching up female mannequin, result = Win!

skeleton rudies Exhibit Two: Centre for Life, Newcastle upon Tyne, baboon being done up the arse by neanderthal man, who is in turn being eyed-up anally by homo erectus, result = Win!

So that’s what I’m looking for – pictures of things like those looking like they’re doing sexy things. Those are just two that I have spotted, but I bet there’s loads more out there!

Send them to me! Its a competition! The winner will win a DVD, and all the entries will appear here. Here’s the rules:

1. No photoshopping

2. Take the photo yourself

3. No old statue shit (unless its really obscure)

To enter, use the contact page up there ^ or email me: keithfisherking~AT~hotmail~DOT~com

Good Luck!