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Here is some of my bits and bobs what I have made. First of all is my Radiohead Literal Video Version – I loved DustoMcNeato’s version of A-ha’s Take On Me, and fancied having a go myself, and this was the result:

I was quietly quite pleased with that, and after some nice comments from the lovely people at B3ta and in particular somegreybloke, had a go at another one: U2’s I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For. Here it is:

edit : After a quarter of a million hits, UMG (whoever they are) have complained about this video, and its currently unavailable. I’m working on getting it back here.

I’ve collaborated with a couple of mates of mine, British comedy duo Goodie & Nick, on a number of parody songs and, in a concept that is original to them and me: Parody Medleys. Here’s one, it’s about supermarkets in the UK and its probably Goodie & Nick audiences favourite routine (I did them videos too, hee hee):

Here’s another parody song – I wrote this one for the lads and they performed it brilliantly. I’ve written lots of parodies over the years but this is my favourite as it matches the original words so well. It’s all about the British Big Brother TV programme. Unfortunately, the lyrics are out of date now (this was in ’05) and they don’t perform it anymore. But I still love it:

Goodie & Nick do a great literal interpretation of “Mr Bojangles” in their live stage show and one night after a few drinks we were talking about doing a similar thing with “I Believe”. They never got round to it but I did, and this is the result:

Finally for now, here’s a parody I wrote based on The Who’s “My Generation”. I’m trying to get Goodie & Nick to do it in their show, but they don’t seem keen, ha ha!!

I hope you enjoyed those bits and pieces, I’ve got loads more to show you – From the Past and From the Future – So check back soon.


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