Brilliantly Bad Presenter Showreels

Here are some fabulous presenter showreels found by a comedy hero of mine, Robert Popper. They are fabulous because they are terrible. Exhibit 1 features the most boring interview ever conducted by a human being. This aspiring young interviewer has been lucky enough to find a lady who works at Safeway, reducing the price of distressed items.

Highlight: “How do you know they are regulars? I suppose they come in a lot?”

Also, his voice sounds as though he has swallowed a kazoo.

Exhibit 2 is of a young Alan Partridge, the presenter of the ‘Wacky 12 till 2’ slot on some godforsaken radio station. His version of to-camera gravitas makes him look as though he’s recently had his neck greased, and the vhs-vhs editing is a wonder to behold.


Thank you Mr Popper, you have made my day with these (There’s a TV series here somewhere, I’d say)