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Stacey’s Mom – the 1930s Jazz Version

This is great and I love it so much – a re-imagining of the Fountains of Wayne classic as a 1930s vintage “Hot Jazz” version.

All the musicians are aewsome, the singing (and bass-playing) guy is awesome, and even the melodica solo is awesome. If I was being REALLY picky, I’d say that, personally, I found […]

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The Creepiest Things you can do on Facebook

The Internet was built on trolling. Not the nasty sort of trolling that the Daily Fail goes on about; but good-natured leg-pulling, winding-up and making people feel downright uncomfortable.

Here Ashley Feinberg (real name? doubt it, doesn’t come up on a Facebook search anyway) compiles 9 of the best ways to make other people on Facebook […]

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testing testing, is this thing on?

Hello Tweeple! Come visit me! I have fun things and also stuff!

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Funny site about Moon-Face Cameron

This is my take on the current Conservative Party billboard ad, inspired by this brilliant website: which is full of loads more like it.

Go see. Also coming soon, my brand-new social network for people who want Boris Johnson to be president OF THE WORLD.

edit: Here’s another one I done, tee hee

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Sad Cowbell girl dislikes band

Apologies for lack of posts recently, Mrs KFK has had a little baby. Normal cervix service will resume very soonly.

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