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Brilliantly Bad Presenter Showreels

Here are some fabulous presenter showreels found by a comedy hero of mine, Robert Popper. They are fabulous because they are terrible. Exhibit 1 features the most boring interview ever conducted by a human being. This aspiring young interviewer has been lucky enough to find a lady who works at Safeway, reducing the price of […]

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The Worst Website on the Internet

<<Clik Pik if you wanna be Sik

This is without a doubt one of the most horrible websites I have ever seen, perhaps it is even the worst website on the entire internet.

Do YOU know of a worse website? Let me know. I’d be surprised though.

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Julie Moult Is An Idiot

Yes That’s Right, Julie Moult is an idiot. For full details of why Julie Moult is an idiot, please click here:

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