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Violin Bow and CousCous

You've probably seen the tweet where the guy uses a violin bow on a metal plate and a bunch of couscous magically dances itself into strange and mysterious patterns.

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How big is the Solar System – Video

This amazing video from Alphonse Swinehart on Vimeo gives you an inkling of the enormity of space, and how big the smallest portion of it (ie. our solar system) is.

Imagine you could travel away from the sun at the speed of light – That’s exactly what this incredible simulation shows, with a suitably epic soundtrack.

And if you […]

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Ben Folds–Zak and Sara

Just stumbled upon this on Youtube. Its an extremely awesome clip of Ben Folds doing that Zak and Sara song with the Western Australia Symphony Orchestra. Turn it up loud, you’ll be pleased you did.

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Google Teleport

Look at the beautiful vista in the photo above. That’s the first location in your Google teleportation journey. It’s in Sweden. What a nifty little idea for a website – Simply choose which continents you would like to visit and hit the ’teleport’ button. You are then instantly transported to a random […]

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Tech Students Dormitory Lightshow

Technology Students Mess with Dormitory Lights – Click here for the funniest movie of the week

Wow. This is at Wroclaw University, apparently. And that is all the information I have. I’m thinking: 1. It must have been computer-controlled, is that just too obvious? And 2. They must have had lightbulbs with extremely fast response times, […]

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