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The Trouble with Kittens

“WHAT?”, you cry, “The TROUBLE with kittens?! Are you MAD?!”

Calm down, Crazy Cat Person, calm down. There is a problem with kittens, and it is this: They turn into cats.

Cats are lovely, of course; and there’s no denying that cats are cool. But cats are not the tiny little mewing adorable bundles of cotton candy […]

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Dog Eating Dunkers

No! Not Dunkers that eat dogs! A dog called Bizzle eating Dunkers aided by the arms of a man who clearly owns too many DVDs. Or maybe its the man’s girlfriend who owns the DVDs, but I doubt it: Girls don’t display their DVDs like that, do they? She might not even be his […]

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OMFG Cats in Jumpers and Knitwear?!

Here: is a great little compilation of photos of cats wearing jumpers. The above is one of my favourites because of the expression on the cat’s face seems to me to be saying: “Ok, you got me this time, and I am prepared to tolerate this for the time being because […]

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Google Doodle Kids Contest

Here’s a nice story as its nearly christmas. Our favourite search engine is holding a competition for kids to draw a google doodle, and the winner will be displayed on there for 24 hours and be seen by millions. The one above is by Sam Gardner, aged 7, of Gentleshaw Primary School. Isn’t it lovely? […]

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Little Panto Documentary

Me old mates Goodie & Nick did pantomime in Shrewsbury last/this year. Apparently, it was the last ever show to be staged in the historic Shrewsbury Music Halls, so Nick made a little documentary about the final day. That’s it there, up above this writing. Click that grey triangle that looks like a […]

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