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Every 90’s Commercial Ever

From Youtube user Rocketjump here is a fantastic take on what TV ads looked like in the 90s.

I don’t remember them looking exactly like this. Well, the start perhaps but then… let’s just say the video holds a couple of surprises and they are BRILLIANT, so watch it.

I wish the ads were like this – […]

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Virtual Reality Pornography

It was only a matter of time! Here’s a video of people’s reaction to porn as seen on an Occulus Rift. If you don’t have time to watch it, I can tell you that the standard reaction is “Agh! Get it out of my face!”, but I don’t know how different their reaction would be […]

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What is Wubbing?

Wubbing is, allegedly, a new dance craze which is possibly a viral ad campaign by McDonalds – even though they say it’s got nothing to do with them.

Whatever it is, the video appears to be earnest enough that it is bound to become stupidly popular.


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One man YMCA tribute

1 man village people tribute, Christopher This starts slowly, but gets great rather quickly. I know about 100 holiday park acts in the UK who would nick this routine. I was thinking “It’s a shame he can’t **********”, but then he did, really well done this, and worth 5 minutes of your life. […]

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Silly House in the Afternoon

They should make childrens TV like this. Exactly like this. I would watch it. And Sharon is a brilliant name for his fluffy sidekick.

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