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Daylight Saving – The Movie

So good. So, so good. So very good.

So watch it.

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How big is the Solar System – Video

This amazing video from Alphonse Swinehart on Vimeo gives you an inkling of the enormity of space, and how big the smallest portion of it (ie. our solar system) is.

Imagine you could travel away from the sun at the speed of light – That’s exactly what this incredible simulation shows, with a suitably epic soundtrack.

And if you […]

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Let One Go – Great Frozen Parody by Nick L’Mao & Sarah Brown

Regular readers will be familiar with the name Nick L’Mao – I always post his stuff when it’s good – And this video is a belter! It’s a parody version of Let it Go from the Disney film Frozen. The lyrics are good, the editing is great and the singing by a Sarah Brown are […]

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The Best Ever Cover Version of Bohemian Rhapsody

Here is Bohemian Rhapsody performed by one man. It is the best ever cover version of Bohemian Rhapsody that I have ever seen. The man’s name is Richie Castellano, and if this video doesn’t go viral then my name isn’t King Cock. You might think ‘Should I bother watching this?’, and the answer is […]

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Ben Folds–Zak and Sara

Just stumbled upon this on Youtube. Its an extremely awesome clip of Ben Folds doing that Zak and Sara song with the Western Australia Symphony Orchestra. Turn it up loud, you’ll be pleased you did.

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